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Rock The Stage

Rock The Stage: Black History Tribute 2015

Rock the Stage is an event, started in 2013 by RJ Gourdine who thought that the media portrayed the youth of our communities in a negative spotlight instead of showcasing the vast array of talent they possessed.

By providing a stage in venues within Newark, and surrounding cities, for youth and young adults to express themselves through the arts, Rock the Stage leads the youth empowerment movement, dedicated to letting the lights within the youth to, once again, shine bright. The entire event is produced by a group of individuals who, like RJ, would like to the youth shown in a positive light.

Guests are invited out for an evening of food, laughter, and fun as individuals from all different backgrounds and acts showcase their talents in the performing arts.

The design of this unique venue includes a cozy restaurant-like area for an audience, a hospitality room for performers, and a stage where artists produce shows once a month.

The show, open to all, is in a nightclub setting complete with dinner.​


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